The Haven

The haven of alcohol has me in it's grasp!
it's asks for so little but give so much,
you weep, you mourn and whatever else,
it's there, just a outstretched arm away.

It gives you comfort, releases your pain.
you can sit for days contemplating 
but you can release it all,
ten minutes away.

Whatever your woe you are welcome.
Whatever you curse, solace is given.
You just pour, one more,
that's all!

You know it's a slow death,
perhaps that's your wish!
too tired to do it any other way,
too cowardly to do it quick!

You reach, you drink and you know.
It's not a long term answer!
But it's a short term relief.

The pain is hidden, 
released or shared but it's out!
You find that you can live again,
for ten minutes 
but it's ten minutes without pain!

You loved, and where hurt.
You trusted and was mistreated.
You cared but it wasn't returned.

It cures all, but only for tonight,
Tomorrow the pain returns, 
until you reach out again!

dedicated to two IRC people who know who they are!